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New moon in Cancer

New moon in Cancer 🐚🌑🦀 cosmic mother , universal mirror , discovering the hidden truths. All the knowledge you’ve been exploring is becoming clear. If you’ve doubted yourself in the past, now is the time to create inner balance. You know who are you are and why you’re here. Opposing Saturn in retrograde ~ asking you to see your creative visions through. Recognize your personal power and don’t be afraid to follow new paths to old dreams.
“You ask me to explain myself, but I am far from words, logic, discursive thought, intellect. I am a secret and inexpressible state ~ I am the beginning where all deep knowledge begins, when you immerse yourself in my silent waters without asking a thing, without trying to define anything, when you stand outside all light. The more you enter me, the greater your attraction to me. There is nothing clear in me. I am bottomless and all nuance, I extend into the realm of shadow. I am a swamp of immeasurable wealth ~ I contain all totems, prehistoric gods, the treasures of times past and times yet to come. Beyond the subconscious, I am creation itself.” ~ The Moon , as transcribed by Jodorowsky.

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