New moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius new moon 🌑〰️ yesterday was the new moon , yet the energy still lingers today. This is an ideal time to revisit projects, dreams and relationships. A time to reconnect to your vision and set goals in motion. With Venus newly in Capricorn, there is a grounded wisdom surrounding us. Create a realistic path towards your goals , and know when to listen to others advice. This moon is a powerhouse of manifestation because of Sagittarius ruler Jupiter , ruler of abundance, higher learning & exploration.
We just climbed out of the deep watery void of Scorpio , focusing on our inner Self and transformation. Now set your sights to the skies. Get out there and experience life , open up to new curiosities. Cut cords with those that are low vibration, emotional or psychic vampires. Liberate yourself! Embody the fiery archer’s lust for life 🔥 let your arrows fly 〰️〰️〰️

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