New moon in Virgo

New moon 🌑 in Virgo 🌾 〰 urging you to use your intuition , let your inner wisdom guide you , embody the Hermit. There may be a dampening of your creative impulses, or a feeling of defeat, as shown by the 10 of Swords. The 7 of Cups suggests it may be caused by too many choices, ideas or pipe dreams. Let this New moon in earthy Virgo ground you , reflect on the long term and don't lose focus. Meditate, write a concise list of the steps you can take to reach an attainable & realistic goal.
There are energies that are in need of balance , The Tower & the 3 of Cups ~ reversed. It can be hard to release attachment, but the Tower is going to crumble if your ambitions and goals are based on false pretenses. This is an opportunity to break free from old ways of thinking that may be holding you back. When things fall apart, you become the creator. Build yourself a solid foundation for the future. Spend some time alone and work independently , don't allow others to shape your ideas of what your dreams and aspirations need to look like. The age of social media & seeing what friends, family, even strangers are accomplishing can make that hard! Know that you don't need to follow anyone else's path.
The 7 of Swords reiterates focusing on what's important and focusing on fewer things. Cut cords. Put yourself first. Virgo / the Virgin is not representative of someone who hasn't had sex , it is someone who is sovereign to themselves , who prioritizes themselves. The 9 of Pentacles relates to solitary creative work, being self sufficient and independent. Trust in your path. Devote yourself to the divine feminine , to using your intuition. The High Priestess asks us to be comfortable in the void , in the underworld , in the depths of your Self. She is an invitation to live magically, engage in ritual, look into yourself & transmute your gifts / power to help others. Put the Magician's tools to use ✨ take action towards your dreams ☁️

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