New moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius

🌑🌔 NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS + SOLAR ECLIPSE 🌒🌕 hello again as we pass through another eclipse portal 🌀 art by @serpentfire 🌀 anyone else have intense dreams the last few nights? I sure did , and have been thinking of them all morning. Let’s dive in ..:::.. Read for sun/rising if it resonates.
WATER ~ King of Wands shadow & Everything Will Be Okay. First, a reminder to b r e a t h e. In, out. Slowly! Everything will be okay. Maybe use this as your mantra this week and remind yourself that when things seem at their worst, you’ll get through to the other side. The King of Wands is master of executing his creative ideas , the fire of fire. But all this fire and passion can create an explosion of ideas and nowhere to place them on solid ground. Feelings of failure then emerge from not releasing these future creations , and you can get stuck in a creative block or burn out from trying to do them all at once. This is when we go back to the oracle , and the inner knowing that things will work out. You can’t do everything at once! And not all things you think of are going to come to fruition. You have to be realistic and not set such high standards for yourself , or else you’ll never reach them.
FIRE ~ Six of Cups & The One Who Hides The Sun. Six of Cups brings us back to our inner child, nostalgia and bringing up memories or people in your past. Sometimes you even get a visit in the physical realm. Eclipses can definitely bring up the past ~ so you can heal or move on from it. Is there someone in your life that was hiding the sun from you? Had you living in their shadow? Keeping you from warmth and happiness? Healing from those experiences can help you to move through childhood trauma or heal past scars. We’ve all had those people in our lives who made us feel unloveable , or who kept us beneath or behind them so only they shined. And maybe that person was or is yourself . . . We can really get in our own way sometimes. If you have a therapist or a trusted person to talk to , maybe delve into these conversations if this is coming up for you. Or take time to journal this week about what’s coming up from the past and how it makes you feel.
The Six of Cups is not so negative , it can be a beautiful reconnection with someone or something you once had in your life. But be forewarned of the oracle and seek the true meaning of why this person or experience is back in your life. Sometimes nostalgia paints a prettier picture than the truth.
AIR ~ Seven of Pentacles shadow & The Gallery of Those Who Came Before. Ah, scrolling through social media only to feel unaccomplished, unsuccessful or dissatisfied with your progress or skills. Sound familiar? Too often these days we feel like everyone else has it better than we do, just from a couple photos on this app. The Seven of Pentacles and oracle card that practically jumped out at me agree. Don’t look to others for your version of success , success looks and feels and is different for everyone. Their path is not your own. If you’re feeling scatterbrained and lost , wondering what to do or where to go next , the last place to look is to other people. There’s nothing wrong with having people inspire you, but there’s a thin line between inspiration and imitation , and it’s easy to cross it when you want what they have. Trust in your process and look within , you have all the tools within you to build your future. If you’ve been spending your time and money on something that’s not bearing fruit , let it go this eclipse season. This goes for relationships too. Sometimes you can pour your heart and soul into something , and it doesn’t work out. That’s okay! When one door closes, another opens. Your path will always find you , you just need to look within to follow it.
EARTH ~ Eight of Swords & Green. Feeling trapped, Earth signs? Well, obviously we’re in a pandemic and everyone is feeling pretty trapped , so it’s understandable and okay if you’re feeling that way too. But this blindfold the Eight of Swords represents is self-imposed. You feel stuck with no options, no way out and that you’re in the worst possible scenario ever. It’s time to start changing your thought patterns and your perspective. Take off your blindfold and release yourself from your shackles. Take a look around with a fresh point of view , take back your power. You can take charge of this situation if you let yourself. Allow the Green oracle to guide you into feeling full and lush , like you can do anything you want to , sprouting fresh growth out of the pavement. Listen to your intuition , your innate inner knowing that is as old as the ancient plants outside your door. That will help lead you out of this deep hole you’ve got yourself into. Climb out! And trust yourself. You got this.

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