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Opuntia Phaeacantha

Opuntia Phaeacantha essence , desert, Mojave or tulip prickly pear cactus. These flowers are a beautiful ombré of a deep rose pink to pale orange / lemon yellow. Each flower is unique as they bloom , cradling bees as they pollinate. This essence is nourishing , filling our cups to show us that we are enough. Showing us that abundance is right in front of us ~ our grass is green , our fruits are ripened and flowers blooming! As I sit with these resilient blossoms , they speak of cosmic support , adaptability , spirit nourishment on a d e e p level. Creative fertility , Venusian Taurus magick on this dark~~~new moon. I’ll have more energetic messages written up when this essence becomes available to purchase. As well as two options available ~~~ today’s solar infusion on the dark moon to aid in being present in our own pleasure , abundance , and self acceptance. Preserved with solar infused water charged with citrine. And the essence I will infuse tomorrow night under the new moon , preserved with lunar infused water charged with selenite , more of a deep dive into surrender ~ surrendering to the cosmos , to everything that is and everything you are. Stepping out of old patterns and behaviors of control , and into the flow 〰️➰〰️ there fears will begin to shed and you will begin to step into your Self.

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