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Sagittarius season

Sun transits into mutable & fiery Sagittarius today , ruled by Jupiter , this season is all about abundance, expansion mentally & spiritually, freedom & celebration. Occurring in the last phase of the waning moon , this season is especially focused on transition and shift. Sagittarius rules the 9th house , this will bring up your relationships with big ideas, higher learning, aesthetics, art, travel. Growth from leaving home & learning from your culture, community & peers. What house does Sagittarius rule in your chart? This area of your life will open up this season.
Sagittarius is Scorpio’s transformation in the flesh. Half human , half spirit , the archer has come to accept what has been shed 🐍 A focus for this season is to set your sights like the Archer , then take action. Your beliefs and behavior towards your goals will be powerful 🔥
Meditate with the Temperance & Wheel of Fortune cards 〰️ perpetual movement brings change , which in turn brings growth & new insights. Perform alchemy by mixing two opposing extremes to bring balance and harmony into your life ⚖️ one foot on the rocks (grounding) and one foot in the water (fluid, going with the flow) 〰️〰️〰️

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