Sagittarius season spread

My first pull was the Ace of Pentacles ~ shadow , which is all about planning & foresight. Utilize the Archer’s precision with his arrow , don’t move forward unless you’re ready. If you’re feeling unsure about your next step, realign your goals with a more realistic viewpoint. Spend more time in the planning phase , eyeing your target until you’re ready to hit a bullseye 🎯
The 4 of Swords ~ shadow represents withdrawing from extremes and going inward. Deep contemplation. Rest , recharge , meditate! Mars is in Scorpio which may be an exhausting energy , causing you to be restless & doing too many things at once. Don’t allow yourself to burnout. On the other end , if you’re too stagnant & passive , know that the Wheel of Fortune ~ Jupiter will keep spinning whether you like it or not. Don’t allow things to happen to you , make things happen for you!
The 2 of Cups is a union of opposites felt in the Self ~ Temperance energy. It’s a promise to come together with tender openness. This season , make deeper connections. This is where your energy should be directed. Find people who are on your wavelength and learn from them. And learn from yourself. Make a deep connection with yourself. I feel this union may between your shadow Self & your conscious Self because of the shadow cards that surround this card. Sagittarius is definitely an exciting, outward sign but a lot of what it teaches us is in spiritual & mental expansion ~ 9th house.
Lastly, the 3 of Pentacles ~ shadow is the true purpose of this cycle. Connecting back to the 2 of Cups , this card is about spiritual work & finding your life’s work. Look for signs & symbols that are appearing in your life , decipher the messages they are sending you. Again, dealing with the 9th house where Sagittarius resides. You may need to go it alone this season in terms of creative projects & career wise , especially if you feel you’re under appreciated and under valued.
I pulled an oracle card , Venus 〰️ this is about being fertile in all aspects of your life. You are preparing to nurture new projects and relationships. You have the ultimate power to make something from nothing 🌱

Tonight is also a dark moon , all those shadow cards make a lot of sense 🌒

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