Sagittarius super flower blood moon lunar eclipse . . .

Crossing the threshold ..::.. early this morning we experienced the Sagittarius super flower blood moon lunar eclipse. I was energized long into the night and woke up in more of a fatigue , body and mind. Had many dreams to explore and ideas to germinate! Eclipses can unearth so much for us that has seemingly lied dormant , hidden in the shadows , releasing those old ideals and beliefs we no longer need to hold onto. I lit two candles , white + black , to have burning while I pulled these spirit messages. White dressed with mercurial juniper + sandalwood oils, dried lavender + eucalyptus. Black dressed with jupiterian frankincense + chaparral oils, dried tulsi, pestled chamomile dust. Blessings + protection to you! May we break spells against us and cut cords with what no longer serves us. ..::.. Let’s dive in ..::..
WATER ~ The Star + oracle of Taurus. The Star is pouring from both the lunar + solar vessels to create this eclipse. This androgynous synthesis is conjured after the Tower has fallen. A rising force of a new age , a star rising. This eclipse is releasing heavy energies that were the building blocks of your old Tower , the crumbling structure of which no longer serves you and that which needs to be broken through in order to grow. Perhaps you have recently gone through this sudden change or felt it nudging in the back of your mind , you will either exit this Tower willingly or be thrown from the (en)lightning ⚡️ Or this eclipse portal will bring its fiery destruction forth , only to sink you into the cooling waters of the Star. Nourished by the elixir of life , kissed by butterflies ~ your fluttering psyche which has found its way to the higher self. Change is inevitable and brings with it growth and new opportunities. Transformation into transmutation 🌀🗝 Know that with these hardships or periods of shedding skin // personal growth that you are being held by the cosmos ~ spirit. Oracle of Taurus brings with it Venusian energy of growth, nurturing + support. Integration. Energy with direction. Allow the new structure that forms in the Tower’s ashes to take shape. The unfolding of energy is expansive. Allow yourself to grow with it.

FIRE ~ 6 of Cups + oracle of Golden Rule. 6 of Cups is overflowing with nostalgia , revisiting of the past , and childhood memories + trauma. With this eclipse, there is an unearthing of old thoughts + beliefs about what you’ve been told about yourself that have been limiting your expansion. There is a call to connect to your inner child , by playing, being creative, spontaneous. Connecting to your deepest self , and with that connection , deepening your intuition and self trust. What have you been told by your elders, family members, childhood friends that still crawls around in the corners of your mind? What needs to be healed , in what memories does your inner child need it’s hand to be held? Who (or what) are the monsters under your bed? Utilize this eclipse portal to time travel from living in the past 🏹🌀 to the present. Eclipses are a powerful time of energetic cord cutting , and there is much to be released in order to achieve cosmic balance. The oracle of Golden Rule , bursting into the sky behind the oceanic wave of 6 of Cups , is the crown of evolution. Reflected within you. The rhythm of creation is always present , you just need to bring it into your present reality. Living it draws you closer to the creation within yourself. Doors within you will open as you heal from these past wounds and allow your inner child to play.

AIR ~ 7 of Wands, 8 of Pentacles + oracle of Sower of Seeds. I pulled 7 of Wands + was called to see which card was on the bottom of the deck - 8 of Pentacles. You are working hard , on your path and determined to master your skill or focus on what is the center of your attention. The eclipse may bring to light that which is blocking you, challenging you , or threatening your success or completion of the project at hand. You may have people in your life that are jealous of you, don’t believe in you or don’t understand you. Sometimes those people don’t know you well or at all , and sometimes those people are those close to you. It’s time to establish boundaries, work on self-confidence and say fuck em if they don’t have your back. Fight for what you believe in and don’t allow what others think stop you. This also goes for what *you* think others think , or the negative things you think about yourself. Your own self-sabotage or need for perfection can also set up physical, creative and mental blockages. The oracle of Sower of Seeds helps you to tie up loose ends + cut away the ones you don’t need so that action can be taken towards the future. Aiding you to find understanding and resolution to these obstacles in your way.

EARTH ~ Strength + oracle of Gemini. Let the eclipse balance you ~ your inner confidence, self-belief and energy levels. Your inner strength! Check in with how you’re feeling. Are you feeling full of life , or depleted and worn down? Are you overreacting or reacting before thinking it through? This eclipse may be a time to r e s t if you’re feeling exhausted by it’s energies , or a time to relish in its power if you’re feeling energized. What is coming up for you? Where do you need to be grounded , and where do you need to be uplifted? What is feeling off kilter as you step through this threshold? Oracle of Gemini brings a balance within dualities , and even beyond the binary. Between the big picture and the details , interwoven to create power that is new and exciting. Offering options not previously considered , feeding growth and new perspectives. Lean into this energy of Gemini season and utilize it to overcome any fears or doubts you may have that set you back. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for!

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