Saturn ~~~ Pluto

Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn , where the celestial time keeper sat with king of the underworld for the first time in 38 years. How is everyone feeling? This is a residual time of breakthroughs and breakdowns 〰️ we have passed through the portal into a new cycle. This past weekend , with the full moon eclipse & the conjunction , was very intense and life altering. Many people I know are in transition and have large decisions on their minds. Collectively, we’re going through major transition & transformation. Which can bring relief , but also feelings of anxiety and grief as we let go. If you don’t make the decision yourself , the universe will do it for you. Surrender to the shedding 🐍 release what is holding you back or no longer serving you.
Pluto is ruler of death and transformation & Saturn is tied to karma and structure , cause & effect. Anything out of alignment will fall apart , and outdated beliefs & structures will crumble as these planets bring justice and balance into our lives. Though this may be a difficult period to navigate as we have stepped onto the other side and cannot bring everything we hold within us along , know that this is necessary to move forward. And it’s better than spending years making the same mistakes and spinning in a cycle of emotional harm & toxic pattens. Sending healing snake magick to you all! 🐍〰️〰️〰️

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