Scorpion moon reflection . . .

Happy Thursday! How did the full moon in Scorpio treat you earlier this week? I felt the d e e p shedding 🐍 , spirit brushing off the excess scales that were clinging on too tight. Opening up space for me to breathe. I’ve been experiencing a lot of burn out behind the scenes juggling spirit and business , as well as working at my brick + mortar shop. I appreciate you all so much while I’m in this time of transition , figuring out what works best for me within my psychic and physical boundaries. I will have more messages, potions, oils and flower essences released s o o n. As well as an email newsletter I’ll be pouring luv into 💌  there’s also larger projects on the horizon that I can’t wait to share with you!
With all that being said , I have some spirit messages that reflect upon the scorpionic void 🌜🌛 as these are collective messages for each zodiacal element , these may resonate or they may not! Take what you need and leave the rest. I suggest reading for sun + rising.

AIR - The Sun + 8 of Cups shadow. Oracle of Fear that the Light will Bring Judgement. The Sun comes up for you when you need its radiant, positive energy. A reminder that the sun will come out tomorrow , no matter how dark the night has become. You are feeling the call to leave behind your empty cups, and there’s almost a sense of joy in walking away. Perhaps you’re awakening to the birds chirping on flowering trees after months of snowy gray silence, and feeling the bright, fertile energy of spring. Yet the Sun’s light can bring up fear and anxiety. Coming out into the light can expose shadows , as well as your achievements or blossoming dreams. It can be hard to share any of it with the world. But know this ... you’re so strong for climbing out of the void of 8 of Cups. It can feel as if you’ll never escape the grief, guilt, despair or heartache. The moon has called you to process and release those feelings. Step into the light and gain the confidence to show others what you’re made of , shadows and all. You have so much to offer, don’t fear the spotlight or the attention you’ll receive for sharing your gifts. Let the Sun bathe you in it’s glow , filling your cup , as you release those overturned + empty ones in your past.

FIRE - 8 of Cups shadow + Temperance (Art). Oracle of Ripe Fruits. Another 8 of Cups shadow! The Scorpio moon can be cathartic in its ritual release and shedding. Yet paired with the Taurus sun , there’s a juxtaposition of (re)birth and death. Fertility bursting forth from decay. Never forget! With death comes birth. There may be some reluctance to walk away and move on but Temperance beckons you forth into balance and serenity. Releasing those cups will aid you in moving towards your ripened fruit , your realized dreams. Though Temperance may traditionally have you walking in the middle and not choosing sides , I’m seeing these cards as a call to walk down a path and stick to it. Your goals won’t be achieved if you are working towards many at once and completing none. Direct your attention to what is truly calling to you at this moment , after the shedding has left you feeling naked to the elements. What scales will you be adorning yourself with? How do you want to see yourself? Don’t be afraid of the various scales you find along the way. Temperance has a way of guiding us into sacred alchemy 🌀 when your vision no longer has empty cups in the distance , you may begin pouring from one cup into another to achieve your unique goals and ambitions ☁️

WATER - The Chariot + 7 of Swords. Oracle of Body as a House. You are being guided to new lands and new dreams. Onward to a sacred path , aligning body and spirit. Spirit is leading the way , yet you hold the reigns of the Sphinx , wise ancient beings who hold great knowledge. Each want you to follow their direction and it’s up to you to steer straight ahead despite their whispers. Follow no ones path but your own! There’s a dishonesty in claiming others ways as yours. This relates to the sneaky air of 7 of Swords. If you’re playing fair and working towards your goals without stepping on or eyeing others , than I would watch out for those in your circle / friends / family / colleagues who don’t have your best interests at heart. You’re in transition // transmutation , and there’s new ideas flowing out of you , a cosmic web forming around you as you deeply connect to spirit. Along the way there are those who may try and steer you off your path towards quicksand, hidden cliffs or trap doors. Some may be culty “gurus” or self-proclaimed god-like healers. Even jealous friends or family members can lead you astray! Be leery of those who claim to know all or are nosy while you’re working on your passion projects. You’re channeling your inner power and there are those who may try and take it for their own. And on the other side of this coin, be wary of your own ego as you align with your intuition or deepest dreams. Moving into personal power shouldn’t make you think you’re better than anyone else!

EARTH - King of Cups shadow + 8 of Wands. Oracle of Gifts to the Portal. Close your eyes and picture your negative thoughts and doubts as water droplets on your body, now shake them off! Remind yourself that your inner voice isn’t reliable when it’s constantly berating you and making you feel bad. Spirit is guiding you into swift action and your self doubt is the only thing stopping you from achieving your wildest dreams. Oracle reminds us that sometimes the road is long to achieving a goal, and you may feel like you’re just tossing your seeds into the void, never to see them again. But they’re growing in there, about to pass back through the portal bearing juicy fruit 🍇 The work you’re doing is not in vain. Keep working and striving towards your goals! There’s a swiftness to the 8 of Wands so keep that in mind, your dreams may be realized far sooner than you thought! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life (aren’t we all?!💖) take it day by day and begin things like daily affirmations, journaling or therapy to tame the mean voices and negative thoughts in your head. Try not to get caught up in the idea of instant gratification.

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