Scorpion on fire

Mars in Scorpio 〰️ Mars rules action, motivation, ego, sex. It’s primal. Mars has left Libra , where perhaps you found yourself more indecisive, people pleasing, unsure of yourself, unable to commit or hesitant to act. This period was exasperated by Mercury in retrograde. Which goes direct tomorrow!
Mars in Scorpio is intense, powerful energy. It’s deliberate and connects us to our ambition , our passions. It helps us to see the path ahead clearly , and know when it’s the right moment to strike. This energy goes inward & deep to the core of issues.
But it can feel rushed , so take it slow. If you feel like you’re suddenly overwhelmed with things you ~have~ to do , take a moment to ground yourself & make a to-do list. Know that everything doesn’t have to be done at once. Instead, use this Mars energy to build your resilience to weather any obstacles that come your way. Allow it to be constructive & uplifting 🔥

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