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Scorpion super moon elemental collective reading

New super moon in Scorpio arrived over the weekend , just as Mercury went direct in Scorpio on Friday the 13th. Last week was heavy with the deep watery portal looming over us. Allow it to immerse you in snake // scorpion magick ~~ alchemizing transformation and shedding what no longer serves you so that you may start anew. These cards were pulled on the new moon for each elemental grouping of zodiac signs , as a point of reference for you to use this week // moon cycle as the moon waxes.
Art is by @astroccult 🦂🌀🌑
WATER ~ 10 of Cups & Way Through. 10 of Cups is happiness and cosmic love. There’s a deep connection to those in your life , and an appreciation for what has come to pass. Emotional fulfillment and lessons learned through joy. I see this as a reminder that there’s learning and growth attached to happiness and joyful moments in life , not just through grief and loss. A reminder to enjoy the little things, to be grateful for those powerful connections and relationships in your life. With the Way Through oracle also a completion of a cycle and the beginning of another , there’s a feeling of wholeness and contentment as you begin a new chapter. This cosmic key opens a portal to the Akashic records , where the past, present and future wisdom floats. Past life & dream realm exploration will be coming up a lot for us water signs! Those journeys will be useful to examine our relationships, in all aspects of time.
FIRE ~ King of Pentacles & Taking Up Arms. The King of Pentacles represents abundance of wealth and success , the fire of earth. There’s ambition, confidence and wisdom behind these acquisitions. This card is showing you that you have the tools to make your dreams and aspirations tangible. You can give them life! There’s a responsibility behind this with the Taking Up Arms oracle. A responsibility to do these things for yourself in order to evolve. You won’t go anywhere with your dreams hiding in the clouds. There is so much strength within you, it’s time to release fears and past struggles. You got this!
EARTH ~ King of Cups & Living Goddess. The King of Cups is a mastery of your emotional self and the unconscious realms. You’re learning to not let your emotions get the better of you, and you’re balancing the fire and water within you. This can be hard when facing others who challenge you, but instead of stooping to their level of negativity, gossip or bullying , disregard them and handle the situation with maturity. Be firm with your boundaries Earth signs! Living Goddess oracle represents Justice in the tarot and the divine feminine. Kings are seen as masculine or father figures , and pairing with this oracle and her relationship to balance , there is a need to balance these energies within you. Yin // yang , logic // emotions ⚖️
AIR ~ The Tower shadow & Mercury. The Tower shadow represents a personal transformation. You are either ready and willing for this change, or you’re on the fence and need a little push. Fear of change is natural, many people need help to overcome it. Know that this is needed for your evolution , there is magick afoot! Let it happen. Mercury oracle is the Magician , letting you know that all the tools you need are within you. You are the alchemist , you can change yourself to gold. Allow your creative intellect to exalted , follow your intuitive inner knowing and let go of what no longer serves you with deep & willful serpent magick. Cord cutting will do you well 🕯✂️

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