Season of the Water Bearer

Aquarius 💧 season 〰️ after steadily climbing the holy mountain during Capricorn season, we enter the realm of the water bearer. This free spirited sign is connected to and in service of the collective , through the social and the unconscious. Using the sea goat’s realistic approach, the water bearer’s visionary mind can accomplish acts that serve progress. They’re drawn to humanitarian efforts and advancement. A fixed air sign ruled by Uranus , they’re manifesters , radical, innovative and rebellious inventors. They’re not afraid to question authority and push limits , always seeking new knowledge. Aquarius crosses into other dimensions with ease , pioneers bringing the ways of the future into the present.
Aquarius is represented by The Star card , and The Fool is ruled by Uranus. Using these cards as guides for the season , we’re asked to leave behind what is no longer serving us and walk down new paths. Connect to deep healing , radically transforming into the best we can be. Allow deep rooted trauma and emotions to come to the surface and be released from the water bearer’s vase. Commit to individual expression , fall in love with being ~you~. And if your freak flag is already flying, give space for others to do the same.

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