Slowing down as the wheel turns

February is a month of slowing down after the intense eclipse season 〰️ grounding ourselves and truly stepping into the seasonal or yearly resolutions and goals we have set for ourselves. With the full moon in Leo tomorrow & Mercury retrograde beginning on 2/16, allow yourself to slow down and work with the universe. Full moons and retrogrades are a wonderful time to rebalance & contemplate what isn’t working for you , or the universe will do it for you. I’ve talked to many people lately about intense transformation and change happening in their lives. It’s been a common theme in readings as well. As a collective , we’re really being uprooted and thrust about in a cosmic windstorm. It can feel like everything is falling apart , but fear not. Things are actually falling into place. Change is never easy, and as humans, we generally resist it because it doesn’t always feel good in the moment. As you release what isn’t serving you , your old skin sheds 🐍 and iridescent glistening scales are revealed. You have it within you to persevere & stay strong through transformations. I believe in you! And I’m here if you want to get a reading to clarify ~ dive deep, or I can create a custom oil or elixir for you in your time of need. My Valentine’s Day ~ Venusian offerings are based in self-love spells, attraction, boundary work, heart healing and being present in the moment ♥️

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