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Spell to revive faith in humanity

Justice ⚖️ for universal healing. The only way to truly achieve justice is by action. Donate directly to organizations, call and email politicians, protest, vote. Sending ~love and light~ does nothing in these times of injustice and only trying to see the lightness is an act of privilege. Acknowledge and heal the shadow, work to dismantle white supremacy ~ actively work to unlearn racist behavior and actions , teach others so that POC don’t have to do all the emotional labor. White people should be holding ourselves accountable to learn about systematic racism, appropriation and white privilege. Do not look away. “If your path to so-called spiritual “enlightenment” or “growth” or “evolution" doesn't lead you to have more of a capacity to witness and acknowledge the suffering of your fellow humans, then it's not enlightenment, growth or evolution; it's "BYPASS."” ~ Andrew Strowbridge

@fulltimewitch spell to revive faith in humanity ~~~

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