Step into the void

II high priestess 🌚🔮🌝 card of the day
The mirror to the inner self , the ego that sees itself outside of itself. She gathers insight through the mysterious form of knowing , choosing to go into the underworld and being able to come back into the light. She is Persephone , Hecate , the moon. She is intuition, a wise teacher and a healer. The keeper of the mystery and the unknown. She is the source, the birth canal and the birth. The divine feminine. The Magician is in nature practicing magick , the high priestess is nature and is magick, imparting knowledge. She teaches you to sit with your discomfort and go there , be comfortable in the void 〰 to not fear your subconscious. Call on her when you're not able to get into your intuition , when you're confused, lost, traumatized , forced to succumb to a will that's not your own , not sharing your gifts or your power, or if you feel lonely when someone isn't there to hold your hand or know what you're going through. When you pull this card, it's an invitation to live more magically, engage in ritual, look into yourself, and realize how you can transmute your power/gifts and help other people. The Magician got the tools and Priestess puts them to use

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