Summer solstice

Summer solstice spread 🌞〰 a reminder to balance your emotions and protect your heart in this watery Cancer season. Be no longer blinded by what is not real , and stop living in your fantasy world. Stop dreaming in the future, and take action in the present! Release the expectation of perfection. Focus inward , manifest the fertile spark and inner vision of the Priestess of Discs to achieve your goals. There's a passion begging for your attention and you need to stay focused on YOUR dreams, not everyone else's. Social media doesn't help with this kind of daydreaming of what could be , or following others lives more than your own. This solstice, take time to be in the present and be real with yourself about what you want and how you will get it. Make a decision , make a plan , make a move. Your inner wisdom will guide you!

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