Tarot, Transformation & Threshold Moments

The other day I posted some musings about April ~ The Fool ~ transformation & new paths while we’re sheltering in place during this pandemic , and I came across @serpentandbow ~~Tarot Spread for Transformation & Threshold Moments~~ I did a reading for the collective using this spread & @dawn_aquarius Aquarius tarot deck and @m.a.r.y.e.v.a.n.s Vessel oracle deck. 
💧 What will assist in letting go? THE CHARIOT / GRIEVE. The Chariot is ruled by Cancer and the element of water. This warrior steers the black and white sphinxes without reins, instead using a wand , representing his mind & will. Duality drives this chariot , the two sphinxes signify an internal battle that must be won before the external battle is to be fought. Through union of opposites inside of us, we gain control and can move forward. Behind the chariot flows a river , reminding us to be in flow with life as we move towards our goals. This is in conjunction with the Grieve card. Grief is something we’re all experiencing right now. In order to move forward, we must first allow ourselves to grieve for what we’ve lost. Feel it! Cry it out. Do what feels natural and allows you to process your emotions 💙
A part of ourselves that’s dying , ACE OF SWORDS shadow / ENDURANCE. Before all of this began, we had plans for this year and many of them were postponed or canceled. The Ace of Swords shadow reiterates ideas that you may have had are not coming to fruition. Goals you set may not be able to be achieved now. Or maybe they’re not even important to you anymore. And that’s okay! It sucks, definitely, but try not to let it affect your Endurance and determination. Take time to rest, grieve your losses and go back to the drawing board. Come up with new ideas & goals that are practical and achievable in this new age. Know that you don’t have to accomplish everything all at once and stick to one line on your to-do list at a time. You’ll feel accomplished and have the Endurance to continue on instead of burning yourself out. My to-do lists have become smaller and smaller as I realize the most important things to be done ~ instead of getting stressed my 3 page list isn’t even half done.

🏰🔥 A way to see who we are in this moment , THE TOWER / FIRE. Okay, so I have to say I laughed when I pulled the Tower for this , and then Fire , the element that rules this card. Because we’re all there! This card is a sudden change, chaos, an awakening. Liberation that hurts as it frees. Restructuring our lives and society , because damn , it’s all collapsing during this pandemic from being built on shaky & unstable foundations (patriarchy , capitalism , greed , systematic racism & colonialism , Trump , the 1% , I could go on). The truth is coming to light and we’re all questioning who and what we can trust. It’s time to rebuild , like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the Fire in which it was born. It’s going to be a different world when all of this is over and we are now the creators. We need to help each other using mutual aid within our communities instead of relying on those with all of the power and money. Support small businesses, especially those ran by BIPOC & queer people, instead of corporations like Amazon. I’ve been seeing a collective movement towards people building gardens to grow their own food and healers sharing their wisdom, as well as donating their herbal medicine to those in need. People making masks for others & for healthcare workers. It gives me hope amongst this turmoil.

🌱🐣 A part of us being born , PAGE OF SWORDS / FORGIVE. Youth brings the winds of change. Let this be a spell for all the old, wh*te m*n to step down. Calling energy towards you , this Page is a positive change and forward movement. An exploratory phase. Birth of new ideas perhaps , new ways of communicating and expressing ourselves. Strong, stable foundations. Forgiveness ties into this as we learn to be more gentle with ourselves as we begin down this new path. This isn’t a time for judgment. Your emotions are valid and change is never easy, especially when the future is uncertain. 🐍💫 What is assisting this rebirth? THE STAR shadow / HEALING. The Star, ruled by Aquarius and the element of Air. This is the card after the Tower , signaling renewed hope and sense of self. The shadow paired with Healing tells us to carve out time for self care and soul nourishment on a deep & spiritual level. Trauma response causes us to feel depleted, tired, burnt out from the smallest of tasks. We’re all experiencing this shared trauma and grief. It’s time to let yourself mend. A common theme of this spread & collective insight , but I think we all need to be a little softer with ourselves and others. It’s okay if you’re not the productive workhorse you were before, it’s okay if you can’t get yourself to make & sell things to people during this time. You are still a divine being. This is a portal , a time of massive change & transformation. The Tower is crumbling and as your faith flickers, a Star envelopes you 🦋 may it bring you hope in this threshold of the unknown. Sending you all luv! ☁️

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