The beginning , the end

🐍smother〰 pulled as my oracle card of the day , paired with The Fool. From my journal:
"A snake wrapped tightly around a mouse , trapped , smothered , pressure feeling heavier. Be still within patience and temperance. Breathe. Make yourself smaller to see the bigger picture and you just might slip out of that grip.
0 the beginning , the end, woven throughout the cards. The element of fire & the spirit. Happily walking to the edge , unaware of the danger. 
His destiny in his knapsack. Everything he needs, stripped away. Tied to his magick wand. But does he know?

Infinite portal , into the beyond. The void. Cosmic egg. Genderless , formless. Activator and instigator , spirit or energy. The realm of imagination , the realm of consciousness. Everything, nothing, shifting and changing around. Before it comes to material reality - the magician.
Pure unfiltered potential. How do I need to be this way? How has this process come into my life , and how to manifest this arcana? This transformation may come when you're pathless, or beginning of a large journey. The moment before you take that step. Where the question emerges before the magician makes that decision. 
Doesn't know how much it doesn't know , perception. Stranger in strange land. Synonymous with the world card, last card in the tarot. 
Shadow side: can't see clearly or your patterns of mistakes, naive, gullible, not planning for the future 
Get curious , check out the world around you. Go for it. You're protected. Learning is the doing. Take a step. Move your body, physically be in a different place , travel."



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