The desert as a mirror

The desert as a mirror 〰 living in the desert for about 7 months has been eye opening in many ways as I truly live in a hermit state. There's no parties, not many shows or other places I can get to with an always broken van and I haven't made many friends. But I don't see any of that as a bad thing. I've spent a lot of time alone , and done a lot of self work. Delving into my shadow self through a sandy portal. I've grown and found my passions again after years of struggling in the East.
During a wonderful reading with @renegadespiritstarot , we talked about how I needed to immerse myself in the occult , more than I ever have before. To use magick to heal myself & others. I know I won't be in the desert forever as I'm craving water 💦 but time here has been so powerful for me and I wouldn't change it for anything. The desert has shown me a resilience I never knew I had , shedding my skin 🐍 revealing prismatic scales that glisten in the hot sun, drying up when they've taught me their lesson 🌀 time and time again

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