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The first fire . . .

Welcome to Aries season! I’m here to share my collective readings for the portal of Pisces to Aries. Vernal balance ((though we are now fully in the flames of the Ram)) 💞🔥💞  What we are releasing with winter and planting in spring. . .
Dream visions came to me on the equinox ~~~ Floating out of the Piscean waters to a bonfire on the beach. The first fire. Primitive , the beginning. Yet, there was never an end. Cosmic depth to crackling embers. The wheel spins. Aries awakens as light forms on the horizon. . . 💥
Just to be transparent , I have the echoing sentiments a lot of others have about this site and it’s hold on us / when and how often we post / “engagement” and so forth as someone with a business and things to share/promote/sell. I have felt disconnected from sharing on here while I was diving inwards during Pisces season ~ I was in the hibernation + conceiving phase of ideas and rest. But I believe that with spring and Aries primal fire , that my energy levels will even out yet again. This is also a reminder that you don’t owe your “followers” (or anyone) anything , especially when you’re in the midst of birthing something special , or giving yourself space to breathe. After some time away I’m feeling more inclined to share musings, new potions and my latest offerings . . . exploring the chthonic olfactory with ceremonial perfume + planetary oils. Excited to share those with you! There are other exciting collaborations in the works as well 🍇
Let’s dive in to these spirit messages 💌

FIRE ~ Releasing THE CHARIOT , planting FOUR OF WANDS. Oracle of Burning Bush / Lineage Tree. Releasing aspects of the Chariot is remembering to also go with the flow as you charge ahead full speed towards your goals. Knowing when to give up your tight grip of control. The Four of Wands is a time of pausing and celebration of what you have achieved so far. So, enjoy the fruits of your labor! You’ve worked so hard , and The Chariot can represent a burn-out kind of work ethic if you’re using all your energy steering those Sphinxes where you want them to go. You’ll find yourself refreshed after a small break ((and perhaps you’re like me (fire moon) and have already taken a break during the slow months of winter)) , planting the seeds of gratitude + security in your Self and your work. Ready to begin again , bright eyed and bushy tailed. Oracle of Burning Bush , relating to Fire + Wands as well , represents the passionate fire of revelation. Spiritual exaltation , celestial compassion. This card presents a moment of insight (a pause) , a need to eliminate your doubts about the future. Be firm in your convictions. Though you’ve loosened your grip on the reigns , your spirit guides // ancestors // higher self are guiding you as you move forward. You don’t need to hold on so tight ❤️

WATER ~ Releasing THE TOWER , planting FOUR OF CUPS SHADOW. Oracle of Hot Seat + Mean and Heavy. Loving the visual here of the Four of Cups reversed pouring water onto that fiery hot seat. And the correlation between Tower ~ Emperor ~ Kali. The Tower is crumbling and you’ve been tossed out into the burning embers. Sudden change, death, loss of friendships or jobs . . . These things can be representative of the Tower. Chaos and massive upheaval. Going through these changes or loss can rock us to our core. Sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart and we’re clinging so tightly to what was , that instead of exiting the Tower as it begins to sway, we end up getting thrown out as the lightning strikes and discover we’re holding onto rubble and ash. Not the security we thought we had, huh? It’s these realizations that can change our perception and our path. The Tower shows truth, it reveals what is false, unstable, an illusion. It’s about surrendering to this truth and letting go of what isn’t serving you so that you can move on and transform. There is so much resilience and wisdom that comes from going through these experiences. Release the pain and shame, anxiety and fear that can come up during these moments. Oracle of Mean + Heavy , Kali , is a similar energy. Ruthless executioner. In her hand she holds the demonic heads of greed, jealously, morbidity + deceit. Her eyes are wide open , all-seeing. Do not fear this avenging goddess , be prepared to join her in the fight against what is not true. In conjunction , the Oracle of Hot Seat is rooted in firm foundations (4) and great responsibility. Decisions must be made , and there is a new relationship to power emerging. Take back your power! Rebuild what has crumbled with stronger materials. Planting the Four of Cups shadow allows you to emerge from the destruction or rut you may be or may have recently experienced , ending stagnation with new focus and a lust for life. Being present , instead of wishing for, or regretting, what was. Sacred lotus water putting out the fires.

AIR ~ Releasing ACE OF WANDS SHADOW , planting EIGHT OF CUPS SHADOW. Oracle of Castles in the Clouds. If you’ve been feeling stagnant, unmotivated, uninspired , you’ve been feeling this Ace of Wands shadow. Stuck in your body, unable to express yourself. Trying to find your purpose in life and wondering what it is you truly want. Release these insecurities and anxieties. Call on the Oracle of Castles in the Clouds. Follow through your deepest wishes with the power of your Will. It’s easy to be in your head, Air signs! While you recognize the positive power of your imagination, you also need to realize that without the ability to act decisively, there will be no completion or fulfillment. The castle you manifested out of your hopes and dreams can only become material when you take action. Eight of Cups shadow asks you why you don’t feel content and how you can change your life so that you are. In what ways can you plant the seeds of your castle? Listen to your heart instead of others , and make sure the path you’re on is in alignment with what makes you truly happy and aligns with your goals + dreams. “Should I stay or should I go?” If you’ve been going down this way and feeling without hope or excitement, you may have to change directions!

EARTH ~ Releasing TWO OF SWORDS SHADOW , planting THE HIGH PRIESTESS. Oracle of Magic Carpet. Simply put, you need to get out of your head and into the underworld! 🍇 You may be stuck with a difficult decision , and you’ve blindfolded yourself, feeling like you can’t move in either direction. Or you may not have enough information to feel like you can make an informed choice. Instead of looking outward for validation and wisdom , look within. Both the High Priestess and Magic Carpet are telling you to explore the mystical and subterranean realms. The Magic Carpet oracle represents a liberated spirit , free of your blindfolds and swords. An astral body floating between the worlds of reality and surreality. With the pairing of the Priestess // Persephone , she calls you to bring forth the knowledge from the depths of your Self. Travel into the void and back out to the light again and again. As above, so below. For this, I suggest lucid dreaming, deep meditation. Work with mugwort, blue lotus, mushrooms. Flower essences of cholla, angel’s trumpet. Connect to your intuition in order to truly make this decision. You are innately wise and you have the power to remove your shackles // blindfolds // swords ⚔️

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