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The fool's guidance . . .

Belated Ostara! 〰️🔥➰🔥〰️ I have some spirit messages for you ..::.. where to boundlessly leap forward like the Fool ~ cosmic egg ~ activator. Pure, unfiltered potential awaits us after the fertile Venusian moon , first of the astrological new year , + the sacred rites of Eostre//Ostara. The Fool guides us along in these messages and shows us where to transform // where to learn by doing. Transmutation afoot! 🌀  The Fool resides in the outer + inner void , showing you that anything is possible. Read for your sun/rising ~ take what you need and leave the rest!

AIR ~ Justice shadow//Five of Swords + oracle of Libra. Justice fell out while I was shuffling and it pairs with Swords and Libra oracle. Air was calling out for guidance! specifically Libra + Aquarius. There’s a feeling here of competition, and “failing.” You may be comparing yourself to others and their “perfection,” not realizing that by comparing your success to others , you’re not moving forward on your own path. Instead you’re at a standstill, believing that others actions are what’s stopping you - when it’s been you all along. It’s a hard pill to swallow but you won’t get much done while watching others. Dreaming // envying rather than doing. Internal conflict and your inner critic are getting the best of you. Stop judging yourself so harshly , everyone is at a different step in their journey. Allow yourself to stop carrying the belief that the grass is always greener on the other side. With these cards, there’s a imbalance , a lack of /or/ a miscommunication. If you’ve been having conflict with someone, even if it’s just in your own mind, you need to clear the air. Don’t sweep these conflicts, judgments or hurt feelings under the rug , especially if it involves an injustice or betrayal on either (or both) sides. You can’t move on without letting this go. Oracle of Libra is guiding you towards balance, harmony and opening your heart. Reminding you that your connections with others have a wide-ranging impact. Lead with your heart, and give your racing mind a rest.

WATER ~ Three of Swords shadow + oracle of Capricorn. It’s easy to become immersed in grief and pain , but it’s now time to rise up , move on and let go of the hurt. There’s a stagnant energy that needs to be cleared and refreshed. If you’re engaging in negative self talk , or on the other end of cruel words from others, now is the time to heal. Take the time for self reflection , enforce a more positive mindset and delve inward to recognize why people’s words are hurting you. There’s sometimes truth in others accusations or judgments , but other times it’s just gossip and lies. Allow oracle of Capricorn to aid you in growing thicker skin, to brush off those talking behind your back. Don’t give them any more power , and take yours back. Release fear of what others think, and your self-pitying too. Oracle of Capricorn brings with it logic and reason , spirit in action. There’s a clarity of purpose coming to light and you don’t need to wallow in hurt feelings anymore. Shed all that dead weight and feel renewed. Release the past and you will move onto new paths.

FIRE ~ Ten of Wands shadow + oracle of Foundation. The Ten of Wands shadow shows us where we’re holding onto too much in our life. Burdens, secrets, struggling with the weight of too much work or responsibilities. Where can you delegate to others, put to the side or completely let go of what isn’t serving you? This can also be related to anxiety , where you’re worrying about things you can’t change or that may never happen. It can be hard to stop your mind racing , or to lift the weight off your shoulders. Oracle of Foundation is the creation of a new framework from which you can grow. Showing you that with commitment to your transformation comes new beginnings. There are things which you need to shed in order to grow 🐍

EARTH ~ Four of Cups + oracle of Crown. Four of Cups comes at a time that you’re saying no to opportunities presented to you and using this time instead to go inward. There may be reasons you don’t want to move forward on these opportunities or projects , like your plate is already full or what being offered isn’t aligning with you any longer. It’s okay to say no! And it’s okay to stick to your boundaries if you need some time to yourself or don’t want any new projects. You also may be dissatisfied with what’s been coming your way, or what path you’ve been walking on. The Fool invites you to change directions if you’d like. Use this time to decide and discern what’s truly important to you and what aligns with your deepest Self. It’s time to stop saying yes to what doesn’t serve you. You may even come back to something after time has passed and you’re comfortable taking on a new project. This can be hard for creatives who do commission work, people who work for others or those who run small business with others wanting their attention and labor 24/7. Know that it’s okay to take space in this moment. Oracle of Crown comes at a time of transition. You’re entering a greater realm of awareness and there’s a new sense of tranquility + peace that comes with it. Crown of thorns to a laurel. Your intuition and discernment with these matters will aid you in achieving this transformation.

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