The Monk ~ The Witness ~ The Teacher

The process of reception has three phases: The Monk , who is like a golden urn, The Witness , who is like a mountain of granite, The Teacher , who is like a crystal sphere.
The Monk is a golden urn because he knows how to empty himself. The splendor of the always invisible truth is love. Nevertheless, you persist in trying to keep the treasure. You will have to learn to be a Witness, like the peak of an unmovable mountain that sees the seasons pass without imprisoning the clouds, the wind that slips along its flanks, or the light of the stars. If I am the Moon, you are the hunter who shoots his arrows without reaching it. You can only capture the miraculous bird by renouncing it’s capture. ~ Alejandro Jodorowsky. Photo is Untitled (Tree of Life) ~ 1979 from a series of Earthworks by Ana Mendieta photographed by Hans Breder

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