Venusian ram

Venus in Aries 🔥🌹🔥 like a breath of fresh spring air , Aries is the newborn of the zodiac , igniting passion and fire inside of us. This is bold and fearless energy , quite a bit different than when Venus was swimming through Pisces dreamy ocean. This will be a time to seek out pleasure , passion , bravery. Take the lead. As the earth begins to thaw , we too must shake off the winter and recognize the growth that is happening inside of us. The buds will soon break the surface! This Venusian Aries energy instills a bold warmth in everything you do , allowing you to run headfirst into projects and be straightforward with your creative ideas 〰️〰️〰️ assert yourself, your desires & boundaries ~ invoke primal love. Fire is purifying and destroys what is inauthentic. You may find yourself leaving behind toxic relationships & situations where you’ve been complacent during this transit 🔥 so mote it be!

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