Week ahead 2/23--2/28

Hi all! Here’s a collective reading for the week ahead 2/23–2/28. The moon is currently in Cancer and Venus enters Pisces on Thursday. Saturday is the full moon in Virgo. I’ve pulled some cards to aid you in navigating the celestial occurrences this week while we wade in the Neptunian portal.
WATER ~ Four of Wands + oracle of Sagittarius. Fiery energy afoot! Fire is all about action, movement and passion. Four , a square , represents balance and stability. So we’re seeing a balanced, stable energy when it comes to your creativity and creative processes. You feel comfortable and confident! And you may be celebrated or recognized by others for your work too. Allow yourself to feel satisfied and proud of where you are , where you’re headed and what you’ve accomplished! Oracle of Sagittarius is the wandering philosopher within. Freedom and bursts of creative energy ~ energy full of excitement, truth, movement. A bigger phase is about to begin , a greater breadth of expression. New awareness or a change of perspective may be forming this week to offer you a greater understanding of the opportunities presenting themselves to you. Take the time to revel in your accomplishments , but know that you haven’t finished this journey yet!
FIRE ~ Transformation//Death shadow + oracle of Miracle. The Death card has appeared to offer you a transformative experience. A release of what no longer is serving you. You need to move on! There is a limitation of growth when you hold tightly to stagnant energy. Change is a part of evolution , of new experiences and new projects. What is calling out to be shed? 🐍 Oracle of Miracle is a reminder that magick is within + with(out) you and it is yours to utilize! Experience the joys of creation, creating something you’ve never made before , the exhilaration of that birth. Expect the unexpected , and know that though you can will your thoughts into matter , you need to tune in to the universal magick that surrounds us as well. The wheel turns and things can change without your approval or willing. But do not fear — with it comes unanticipated miracles, turnarounds and fresh ideas / perspectives. If you’re waiting for a breakthrough, be open to it! Release the old , to welcome in the new.
EARTH ~ Six of Wands + oracle of Trinity. I’m seeing balance here. And yet a sense of fear , guilt , shame. What are you holding back? There is positive encouragement flowing from all sides to you! Be proud of yourself! There’s a lot to be proud of, even if you don’t feel you’ve done anything huge or significant. Getting out of bed or showering after a depressive period is something to feel good about. Cooking a meal for your loved one , completing a goal you had on your to-do list. Don’t be afraid to share your successes with others, no matter how small. Or big! Don’t keep successes to yourself or stop yourself from doing things just because you’re worried what others think. Body, mind and spirit are connected within the oracle of Trinity and there is an energy of regeneration / re~birth that occurs with this sacred unity. To move beyond the present into the future. There is a call to express yourSelf in new ways. Don’t let the opinions of others dictate your life. Those who support you will have your back , and you should have it too.
AIR ~ Page//Princess of Swords + oracle of Giver of Light. The winds of change are afoot . . . 🌬 there’s ideas floating around your head , new new new! You’re in the processes of a beginning. Beginning a new project, career, journey, path . . . New perspectives and curiosity are bringing forth exciting + fresh energy. You aren’t a master just yet but don’t let that stop you. With practice, you will grow and grow. If you’ve been thinking of beginning something new , following a passion ~ the answer is yes. And now is a great time to start. The oracle of Giver of Light is the light that illuminates the inner wisdom and understanding that puts you in touch with yourSelf. The wisdom required for evolution and enlightenment. Pisces season is all about dreams + intuitive powers ~ start bringing yours into the material realm ☁️

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