Winged messenger swims in the enchanting waters of Pisces

Mercury enters Pisces 〰️💧〰️ with the moon also in Gemini , we have transitioned from fixed energy to mutable. Mutable signs are the end of a season , flexible, compassionate, communicative. With the sun in fixed air sign Aquarius , this combined energy allows your visions to become reality.
As Mercury swims in the dreamy waters of Pisces , empathy and encouragement to listen deeply rise to the surface. Bringing emotion from spiritual to material realm , connecting heart and mind , cups & swords , water & air. You may feel more intuitive and emotionally receptive. Pisces swims in a vast and infinite ocean , boundary-less and multidimensional. Imaginative, larger than life thoughts may be hard to put into words , so take this time to communicate through art or music instead. Find a natural flow as you surrender to the Piscean waves 🌊 but remember to come up for air.
Mercury Retrograde, beginning on 2/16, travels through both Pisces & Aquarius. Note where these signs reside in your chart in order to help guide you through this upcoming retrograde 💦🐠

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