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Happy Yule! 🍎❄️ Winter solstice is also the first day of Capricorn season, bringing us from Temperance ~ Wheel of Fortune energy into Devil ~ World energy. The Devil is a liberator , teaching us to question and challenge our thoughts and recurring patterns. Especially involving guilt, shame, fear, addiction. It can invite freedom from these feelings when you move beyond ego / judgment. The World helps us complete lessons and cycles , opening us up to new beginnings ~~~ perfect for entering the new year. Capricorn , the sea goat , walks new paths without fear , diving into the deep sea of the unknown and climbing to the peak of the holy mountain with feet planted firmly on the ground.
Today is the shortest day of the year and longest night. Immerse yourself in the void. Embrace the darkness and welcome in the light ~ reflect on what you’re welcoming into your life as well as what has been shed or what you’re currently shedding. Recognize this season’s darkness as the darkness of the womb , which creates new life. This is a time of death & rebirth ~ all life begins in the darkness and in turn must die. As above so below ⏳ honor the darkness . . .

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