Welcome to Fever Dream! This is a dreamscape created by Lindsay Sgrosso , birthed in Joshua Tree, CA after years of exploration in the plant and spirit worlds. Here you can find hand crafted herbal potions, ceremonial oils, botanical skincare, ritual candles and more . . . all intuitive blends utilizing astrological alchemy and interwoven with my divination + esoteric practices. 

I’m a Scorpio ~ mysterious Plutonian witch 🐍 . . . I tend to keep things private + close to me. I climb out of my deep desert cave to share my musings, spirit speak and connect with you.


I started this journey into herbalism in 2017 when I was living in Boston. I was struggling with my mental health , exasperated by Lyme disease, drug use and dark, cold winters. I happened upon a collection of vintage books, some about herbs , some about magic and other esoteric topics at a vintage store I frequented. I bought them all. I dove in, feeling like I had found something relatable , something I deeply connected to ~ at a point in my life where I was really struggling to find connection with anyone or anything at all.

I formulated an unnamed allergy tincture from goldenrod I foraged from the beach , Soul Soother for my mental health and Empress for my menstrual cycle ~ two parts of me doctors had shrugged off or threw pills at me for years. I hadn’t named any of them at the time, I never even planned on selling tinctures (and didn’t until 2019) , I created them for me , gifting to friends that were interested here and there. I kept it hidden and secret, unsure about sharing this love of mine with the world. I have always been drawn to awakening the witch within me , but felt that it outcasted me more. 


I lived in Boston until Jan 2019 , and spent my time until then delving more into my tarot + magical practices, personal shadow work, psychedelic plant medicine and learning everything I could about herbalism. I was selling vintage under the guise of Cosmic Cult and assumed that was my only path. 



S E R P E N T  M A G I C K

My partner and I moved to Joshua Tree in February 2019 after spending about a month on the road in our van with a small amount of possessions and our cat, Tut. After a few months of living here , and going through what other desert folks know of too ~ the deep shadow work and reflection that occurs in the desert. Grappling with loneliness/isolation, car/money problems and big life questions. What is my purpose? What the hell am I doing? Desert as a mirror portal. Examining the deep wounds I carried within me, how I always focused on healing others’ wounds. There I underwent many phases of shedding skin , calling upon the serpent as my teacher , starting anew in fresh glistening scales. I changed my business name from Cosmic Cult to Fever Dream. My dear friend gave me a tarot reading that really helped me find this path, I was at a crossroads and had to make a choice. I stopped selling vintage and focused on making potions, oils and pulling cards , everyday if I could. 

I began selling my creations and the love I felt was immediate and incomprehensible. I began meeting others like me, weirdo artists + makers that were so passionate about their craft, relating to the magick we all felt in this desert. The connections I made with clients, customers and friends who used my offerings was ((and is)) so deep and special. I love u!! And I know that my path is to be of service to you, to help you on your journey, to aid you in healing and shine a little light on your shadows.

I have since continued my studies of divination and the esoteric since my move to the mystical desert , delving deeper into my practices, tarot + energy ~ spell work and am now sober.

I believe in mutual aid and donate what I can from my apothecary to mutual aid groups in the desert and beyond. I also donate a portion of sales to various groups, primarily helping trans BIPOC and SW. 


In May 2020, I opened a brick & mortar shop in downtown Joshua Tree ~ Ramblin' Rose ~ where it serves as a location for herbal and spellwork consultations, tarot readings, and a physical space to purchase a wide range of my offerings from. 


Plant medicine offerings are intuitively and ceremonially crafted , utilizing magickal and folk properties , as well as my intensive knowledge of herbalism. I also work with lunar cycles + planetary movement. I have a strong connection to Venus and work a lot with self~love spells to aid you in working through your traumas, shadow work and boundary work.

So here we are ~~~ in a Fever Dream . . . join me in deep connection with plants, Venusian magick and with the serpent as our teacher , guiding us through the shadowy portals and dream realms.




February 2020, I was featured in Vogue for Higher Love Aura Mist , my collaboration with Baja East Fall 2020

June 2020, I was featured in CR Fashion Book for my contribution to the Baja East Home collection