Intuitive tarot readings are mirroring missives for self-empowerment + clarity. We will explore shadowy portals and dream realms. Illuminating what to let go of and what to call in. With the tarot as a mirror , your inner world will be reflected back as a guide for times of transition and cosmic change. A healing tool for integration and insight. This is a wonderful way to check in with yourself , seek the magic in the mundane , and find comfort in curiosity. 

We will weave a web from spirit realm to earth. Centered in the heart of creation. Aligning with purpose , meeting at a crossroads and realizing your truest path. A love spell found in your heart’s deepest chambers , aiding you to step into your power and speak with your authentic voice. The tarot will help guide you to get unstuck // get out of your own way and ignite your heartfelt passion.

Tarot readings may include numerology, esoteric symbolism , the current astrological weather or lunar cycles. You may come in with an intention or allow my intuition to light the way. Recommendations of herbs or flower essences to work with, candle spells, or other rituals may also be present. Oracle card(s) may be pulled to provide more insight.

* Upcoming Events * 


12/3 I’ll be reading tarot and setting up my apothecary at Vetiver Salon from 11am-4pm in Palm Springs


12/17 I’ll be reading tarot and setting up my apothecary at the Merry Krampus Extravaganza from 4-8pm at Out There Bar in 29 Palms

If you are unable to attend one of these events , I am also available for in-person readings in the high desert! Please fill out the contact form or email me at inafeverdream@gmail.com to schedule a reading. Available dates for December are below.


Other options I’m offering for divinatory readings :::

Tarot reading live on Zoom , from 30 mins to an hour.

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Audio recording reading with corresponding images and written transcript via email , received within 5-7 business days or sooner. Long form spreads with various other psychic tools like bibliomancy, scrying and oracle pulls will be present.

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Please fill out the form below when booking a reading if you’d like to let me know any personal themes or words / images that are coming up for you ~ anything you’d like to be a focus or an intention of the reading. You must check out with a booking above to confirm a reading. Readings are not confirmed without payment.