Full Set ::: Planetary Ceremonial Perfume Oils
Full Set ::: Planetary Ceremonial Perfume Oils
Full Set ::: Planetary Ceremonial Perfume Oils

Full Set ::: Planetary Ceremonial Perfume Oils

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An exploration of the cosmos through the olfactory. Alchemizing the planets into vibrational and scented talismans. Conjured into the world while Jupiter was in Pisces ~ an expansive dreamscape portal 🌊🕳🌪☁️

These roll-on oils are made with intention to connect to specific planetary energy, their zodiacal placements + individual aspects. Base of fractionated coconut oil.

MERCURY ~ Gemini + Virgo , new perceptions, ways of communicating + opening your mind. Made with juniper, lavender, sandalwood essential oils, eucalyptus, white copal

VENUS ~ Taurus + Libra , universal love, self-acceptance, sensuality, beauty. Made with rose, neroli, frankincense essential oils, rose buds, red sandalwood

EARTH ~ Taurus, Virgo + Capricorn , receptive, nurturing creativity + grounding. Made with petrichor, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver essential oils, black tourmaline

MARS ~ Aries + Scorpio , fiery action, motivation, passion + sensuality. Made with amber, myrrh, ginger, black pepper essential oils, dragons blood resin

JUPITER ~ Pisces + Sagittarius , strength of expansion, inner knowledge, vitality. Made with frankincense, holy basil, chamomile essential oils, gold leaf flakes, chaparral oil

SATURN ~ Capricorn , moving beyond ego, boundary work + commitment to goals. Made with tobacco, vetiver, cannabis flower, agarwood essential oils, eucalyptus

URANUS ~ Aquarius , revolution, releasing old patterns, innovation, the wisdom of change. Made with sandalwood, bergamot, neroli essential oils, rosemary, myrrh resin

NEPTUNE ~ Pisces , the dream realm, visions, psychic abilities, deep oceanic consciousness. Made with lavender, rose, frankincense, benzoin essential oils, blue lotus, mugwort

PLUTO ~ Scorpio , shedding what no longer serves you, transformation, sensuality, intimacy. Made with smoke, cardamom, incense, sandalwood, oud, amber essential oils, damiana, kava kava