Lavender Vision Ritual Oil ~ Dreamy Comfort
Lavender Vision Ritual Oil ~ Dreamy Comfort
Lavender Vision Ritual Oil ~ Dreamy Comfort

Lavender Vision Ritual Oil ~ Dreamy Comfort

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Luxurious and sensual herbal infused ritual oil for daily use on the body. Sink into dreamy comfort & relaxation 〰️

This oil softens the skin , connecting you to spirit , calming & soothing the mind and body. Angel aura quartz heals & balances your chakras.

How to use: Apply body oil after a shower or bath while skin is still wet for maximum absorption. Lather yourself as often as you feel called to , or use in a body oiling ritual. Would also be a great oil to use externally on your ovaries ~ womb when experiencing cramps or pain during your menstrual cycle.

Herbal body oiling is a practice that is sensual, healing, and easy to ritualize as part of a self-care routine. Herbal oils hold strong medicinal properties that absorb into the body quickly and effectively as a topical skin regimen , integrating plant medicine into your daily life. Herbal body oiling retains moisture in our largest organ, the skin, which improves the lymphatic system , therefore improving the immune system and ability to fight infections and allergies. The act of massage moves lymphatic fluid throughout the body , improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles and improving joint stiffness. Herbal body oiling can also deeply relax the nervous system through touch and self-massage , as well as mindful breathwork.

Calendula , a vibrant plant ruled by the sun , brings healing energy that tends to wounds & scars, stimulates collagen production and evens out & smooths , creating glowing skin. Calendula is a nourishing astringent that keeps moisture in the skin. Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, & anti-bacterial.

Lavender harmonizes your energy, clearing out blockages, and allowing you to tap into your intuition. Lavender is deeply relaxing to the muscles and soothing to the spirit , easing stress. As it clears your energy, it does the same for your skin ~ unclogging pores, healing wounds, cleansing, and protecting with antioxidants.

Mugwort , a psychic lunar herb , brings magickal imagery & symbols to your dream realm. Mugwort is a witch's herb , a stirrer of visions and an opener of portals. It heightens our extrasensory perception while simultaneously dropping us deep into our center. Opening the doors of perception, mugwort allows us to live in several worlds at once, drawing our gaze to that which is visible, and that which is invisible. Like the knowing hands of a wise woman, mugwort oil seeps deeply into muscles and joints, permeating with sensation and relief. Mugwort gets into the deepest tissues of the body. Combined with an herbal oil, it will bring that oil's medicine to depths within the body that it wouldn't get to otherwise. 

Sage is known for wisdom, protection, and good luck , ruled by Jupiter & the element of air. Also considered a lunar herb , embodying the Crone wisdom. Sage brings prosperity and clears negativity in a space ~ auric field. Sage was associated in European traditions with wisdom, long life, and even immortality. An Italian proverb states, “Why should a man die when he has Sage in his garden?” It's both antiseptic and antibacterial.


Made with calendula, lavender, mugwort, sage, intuitive essential oil blend, light from Taurus full moon, angel aura quartz, sweet almond oil & fractionated coconut oil


Full moon in Taurus 🌕🐚🍇 ruled by Venus , this sensual full moon swells 🌊 in watery Scorpio , inspiring desires & motivating fire. This moon activates our feminine yin energies , relating to the Empress card in the tarot. The Empress is spirit manifested in nature , receiving and bountiful. It also relates to The Hierophant , ruled by Taurus. The Hierophant is the link between above and below , the threshold of spirit. It asks us , why am I here? What is my soul’s purpose? It questions authority and beliefs , and challenges limitations of what we believe we deserve. Utilizing these energies, allow yourself to be vulnerable and willing to receive the messages from spirit. Release limitations you or others put on yourself.
There is a cultivation of senses in Taurus. Venus being the amulet of the body , we learn to move. This full moon is about releasing excess possessions & presence. Sister signs , Taurus is the bridge from daylight to the underworld , where Scorpio and its excesses reside. This full moon may be more about physically releasing , perhaps finally donating those clothes you never wear or reorganizing your space. But releasing comes in many forms ~ energetic, emotional, psychic. Focus on releasing old patterns that have to do with the body, possessions, or the material realm. Cord cutting rituals will be powerful. Connected to your throat and your heart , other Taurean full moon rituals may include screaming, singing, breathwork, reading your poetry aloud. Release your vibrations into the world 〰️〰️〰️ & allow balance in your receiving (love, new ideas & ways of thinking) and releasing (old patterns, limitations, stagnation) ⚖️