New Moon in Cancer Oil ~ Solar Eclipse Ceremonial Oil
New Moon in Cancer Oil ~ Solar Eclipse Ceremonial Oil
New Moon in Cancer Oil ~ Solar Eclipse Ceremonial Oil
New Moon in Cancer Oil ~ Solar Eclipse Ceremonial Oil

New Moon in Cancer Oil ~ Solar Eclipse Ceremonial Oil

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🌑New Moon ritual oils 〰 Made during July 2019's powerful new moon solar eclipse in Cancer. Set with intention and using essential oils that correlate to Cancer & new moons , this oil is perfect for manifesting your desires & abundance. Cancer is a cardinal sign , a leader , ambitious and sets things in motion. Use this oil to follow through on creative endeavors or a new business venture.

Orange is bright & uplifting, inspiring good fortune. Lavender helps us clearly speak of our needs and wants, connecting us with our emotions. Vanilla and patchouli are powerful oils for money & love rituals. Frankincense creates ease in transition and reduces fear of change. Rose heals your heart and sage brings clarity and connection to your intuition.

Made with organic almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, intuitive essential oil blend, rose & sage pieces in a gradient colored glass bottle

Wear throughout the day or use in ritual or ceremony. Note that it is not intended as a perfume oil, so the scent may not be as strong as regular perfume. Use to connect to new moon in Cancer energy, as well as the power of eclipse season.


🌑🌊New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 〰 eclipses reveal areas of necessary healing and these themes will carry throughout the next 6 months. We are being pushed to release accumulated karmic energy and release things that no longer serve us , to step out of ingrained patterns. The new moon in Cancer opposing Capricorn reveals ways we have sacrificed our emotional wellbeing for physical / financial stability. Cancer energy💦 reminds us to emotionally nurture ourselves and others. Act in loving service to those around you by first loving yourself, and your well will never run dry. Here are more pieces from my journal: All of the knowledge that you've been exploring is becoming clear. If you've doubted yourself in the past , now is the time to create inner balance. You know who you are and why you're here. Your energy is the Priestess of Cups , water of water , divine mother , nurturer. In tune with her emotions , she is not ashamed of her feelings and she leads life by her heart. She is loving , creative , intuitive femininity. Let her tend to your inner child (big Cancer energy) by utilizing healthy boundaries, empathy, and holding space for others.

Yet the eclipse is pushing you to invest energy into the Priestess of Wands moving forward , the water of fire. She is a channel , a magician who contains and disperses energy. She is strong willed , yet still capable of gentleness and affection. She is Passion , infectious creativity. She walks with a lion , who represents strength , courage. She has self confidence and is a mover & shaker. Influence others with your vision, courage and determination. Be bold! And don't be afraid to express and show your shadow self more openly to others. Allow others to get to know you.

Eclipses & new moons bring about rebirth & renewal ~ if you allow it. Don't fight it! Move from your head (air) to your heart (water) , jump. Let go. There must be a change to facilitate growth. Let go of old wounds (back to the inner child) to create a new sense of self.

The eclipse's message is Manifest your potential. Turn your ideas into something tangible and real ~ like the Alchemist said , "you are excrement, you can change yourself into gold". Stop living in dream land and see your creative visions through. You can achieve this growth by becoming a leader , recognizing your personal power and allowing others to give you love and support. Put yourself out there, believe in yourself and your accomplishments!